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Happy Spring… Look Who’s Back! :)

Hello CorsetMaking Enthusiasts, and Happy Spring!

Sorry about the long silence on our  blog…  we’ve been hard at work on many new site features, and we are determined to create more frequent blog posts to keep you updated and informed of them!  A major overhaul of the website is in the works — new categories, tutorials, projects, and many, many more products!  There are a few new product additions that will hit the shelves before the big launch, so stay tuned…  during the next newsletter and blog post we’ll be announcing some new offerings that have been on our list of most requested items!

New Arrivals:

• Underwire Channeling is back and better than ever!  Along with a fresh restock of white channeling, we are now offering nude channeling in the professional quality you’ve come to expect!

• New Bijoux Pattern Company patterns.  Bijoux Patterns are a smaller, lower cost version of some classic Laughing Moon patterns.  Perfect for customers making corsets for fun or costume dress, without as much need for the extensive pattern notes, construction notes, bibliographies, and resources offered in the original Laughing Moon versions.  The first two patterns are based on the Laughing Moon’s #100 pattern:

Bijoux Patterns #1: Ladies’ Victorian Pattern

Bijoux Pattern #1

Bijoux Pattern #1

Bijoux Patterns #2: Ladies’ Victorian Bust-Gore Pattern.

Bijoux Pattern #2

Bijoux Pattern #2


• Updated: A slightly revamped version of the Push Up Bra Cup will soon be replacing the original design. The little tabs that were once on the side of the cups are now replaced with a nice curve. A much cleaner look, and easier to incorporate with more patterns.  Currently in Size 8 only, but soon to replace all sizes of our Push Up Bra Cups.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, requests, tutorial ideas, and especially pictures of the wonderful creations you’ve made!

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