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What’s New?… “New” is New!

Hello Makers!

Here’s some exciting news about New Arrivals…

In the past New Arrivals would often end up buried in sub-categories of our site because there was no easy way to categorize them outside of their department.  Now, however, technology’s warm loving glow has bestowed upon us a much better way to share all of our new arrivals regardless of the category under which they might fall!

All you MakingItYourself regulars may have noticed the “New” category that now lives in the first, far left, position in the Top Navigation Bar… this is now where you can go to find all our latest offerings – finally a way to see all New Arrivals in one place!

And for all you mobile web surfers, if you are shopping on a mobile device, the “New” category will fall at the top of the Departments list in the left navigation menu.

Check it out…. see what’s new!

See what's new sitewide in our new "New" category!

See what’s new sitewide in our new “New” category!

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