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December 2002: CorsetMaking.com Special!

Hello Corset Makers!

The holidays are upon us and we at Corset Making Supplies are in the
spirit of giving!!


If you have not yet read or browsed through Nora Waugh’s “Corsets and
Crinolines” now’s the time! Makes a great holiday gift, and from now
until Jan. 10th we will be offering to members for only $28 !!! Be
sure to enter the members-only price on your form when ordering! This
book is an excellent reference that provides historical background on
corsets, and also provides great historical patterns to construct them!!

For our “bulk customers”, the rest of December through January 10th we
will be offering 10% off of orders of $100 or more, and 15% off orders
of $200 or more!!


We are now carrying professional grommet setting hand machines, and
dies for both size 0 and size 00 grommets. The machines can also cover
buttons, set snaps, and set ventilators with the appropriate dies.

Heavy weight cotton twill tape and stay tape. 1/2 inch white.


We want to be your main source for all your corst making supplies,
so if someone is beating our price on a certain item let us know who
the source is and what they are charging and we will try to match or
beat the price if we can!

Best of luck with all your holiday projects!!

Corset Making Supplies

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