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July 2003: CorsetMaking.com Summertime Specials!!!


Well, it’s been a little while, but we’re back… we’ve recently outgrown
our old studio, have moved into a much larger and accommodating workspace,
and are looking forward to a Fall full of exciting new products for our
customers. In the meantime, we’re just trying to stay out of the heat
as we settle into our new home. Thanks to everyone who as helped our
business grow this far!

We’ve got a couple of cool new products that each and everyone of you
will want to be sure to check out and a great August special
exclusively for members of our CorsetMaking Yahoo Group! Remember, all
you have to do to be eligible for the special is sign up for the Yahoo
group using the easy “sign-up” feature on our website,



Bonnie Holt Ambrose’s “The Little Bodice Book” and “The Little Corset

Both of these little books come from the popular and easy-to-follow
workbook series from Mrs. Ambrose who, as many of you already know, has
been designing, cutting and maintaining costumes for her theater
supply company for over 25 years. She shares all of that invaluable
knowledge and experience in these inexpensive books that would be a
perfect addition to the bookshelf or worktable of any period
re-enactor or theater costumer!


Grommet and Washer “Mallet and Die” style setting kit now available in
size 00. In addition to the Grommet and Washer 00 “Pliers” style setting
kit, we now offer the traditional “Mallet and Die” style kit for those who
prefer the more aggressive and vigorous “hammering method”!


Through August we will be offering the handpress and dies (sold seperately)
at 15% off their normal prices so that everyone can consider making the
upgrade to faster and easier grommet setting! Trust me, once you have
started setting grommets with a handpress you will never think about
hammering grommets again!! This special is for corsetmaking group
members only… simply note “member special” next to the description
on the online order form and we will figure your discount out for you!

Shipping time may be slightly longer for these items… allow
approx. one week to pull and ship.

The handpress allows you to place the washer over the “post” of the
bottom die, place your fabric and grommet over top the washer, and
“whoosh”… with one simple pull of the lever your grommet is set
cleanly, professionally, quietly, and easily! Cut your grommet setting
time in half.. at least!

Dies for this very versitile machine are sold seperately to set size 0 and 00
grommets, snaps,ventilators, and to cover buttons!

Also this month we will be offering a one dollar per yard discount off of
any of our silk brocades! Stock up on your fabric now… the sale will go
through the month of August!

Please visit www.corsetmaking.com for more details and all of your
corset making supplies!

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