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May 2009: Goodbye May, Hello June!

Hello Corset Makers!

It’s been a quite a while. Delicious LLC has been quite busy. We have
officially opened a new shop in the Piazza at Schmidts. Too Delicious will
become our show room of sorts, and it still has all the amazing vibes of our
Delicious Boutique. We have also recently changed the supplier of our bra cups,
I am very happy with the quality that I have seen so far and will add in an
extra note on the site as a reminder of this since they are slightly different.
Along with that we are trying out a few new Ageless Patterns, which you can find
in our normal pattern area on the site and under new items. I am currently
looking into more patterns and books to carry, so if you have any suggestions
please let me know it would be greatly appreciated. Psydde is still traveling
the world vending his heart out, so if you know of any shows coming around
please stop in and say hi. We are highly enjoying the photos all of you are
sending of finished pieces that you have created, they are amazing and totally
appreciated. I have also been thinking that it could be a really great idea to
add another piece to this and possibly to the site, geared towards ways you
finish and/or do things, as in a more efficient way you have found to do
something. I think that would be great to share with everyone along with tools
or products you simply cannot live without. As always if you have any questions
about our products please just send over an email to [email protected]
or give us a call at 215-413-8259.
Also don’t forget that if you want something that we do not currently carry
please send an email to supplies@… and we will do our best to start carrying
it for you!

** NEW ITEMS ** Check out our new items with this direct link

AGELESS PATTERNS: 1901 Corset For A Suffering Lady
This corset, made in gray drill, closed by means of buttons and tied in the
back; sides are split on the lower side to widen them according to needs of the
wearer and is trimmed in Valenciennes lace. English translation and original
French sewing instructions are included.

AGELESS PATTERNS: 1900 New Form Corset
This corset, made in white English sateen, descends low enough that the hips
are enclosed entirely and has garters attached. The top is decorated with cream
colored lace through which one passes a pink satin ribbon and small rosettes.

AGELESS PATTERNS: 1900 Corset in Net
This corset, made in ecru net, can also be made in tulle, in thick muslin or in
all other openwork cloth. English translation and original French sewing
instructions included.

RECONSTRUCTING HISTORY: Patterns for Historical Clothing
Late Elizabethan Paires of Bodys(Corsets)
These Late Elizabethan corsets are based on two English examples, one with a
laced front closure and the other with a laced back closure. Each have all
suggested and required fabrics, notions, embellishments and yardage.

RECONSTRUCTING HISTORY: Patterns for Historical Clothing
1670’s – 1720’s Stays(Corsets)
Late 17th century corsets based upon two English examples, one with a laced
back closure and the other with a laced front closure. Depending on the patterns
they hold the option of a busk and sleeves. Each contain all suggested and
required fabrics, embellishments, notions and yardage.

RECONSTRUCTION HISTORY: Patterns for Historical Clothing
1740’s – 90’s Stays(Corsets)
These Mid- to Late 18th century corsets feature laced back closures with the
possibility of front lacing or even a busk if you are caught in the moment of
the shear joy of corset making as some of us often are. Each contain all
suggested and required fabrics, notions, instructions, yardage and

RECONSTRUCTING HISTORY: Patterns for Historical Clothing
1008’s Stays(Corsets)
Early 19th century corset patterns are high-waisted with a laced back and front
closure. Contains all suggested and required instructions, notions, fabrics,
yardage and embellishments.

Patternmaking for Fashion Design 4th Edition
Renowned for its comprehensive coverage, exceptional
illustrations, and clear instructions, this hallmark
book offers detailed yet easy-to-understand explanations
of the essence of patternmaking. For anyone developing their patternmaking

Draping for apparel Design 2nd Edition
This text combines step-by-step instructions illustrated
to present the principles and methods of draping.

Corsets Historical Patterns and Techniques
Patterns, techniques and history of over 20 historically
correct corsets, ranging from the 1750s to 1950, from
boned corsets, ribbon corsets and basques to the more
recent 1949 satin corsets.

Laughing Moon – Saloon Girl
All the components of the pattern Saloon Girl are
separate and can be combined and layered as desired. Can-Can Dancer, Dance Hall
Girl, Carnival & Circus Performer.


The following CLEARANCE Items can be found with this direct link @

Aluminum Stay
Aluminum Stay. Great for using as 1/2″ underbusk. This bone DOES have memory..
it will retain a slight bend after being worn.

Thanks Everyone & Happy Corset Making!!!!!!

Corset Making Supplies

Phone Number! 215-413-8259

and if you’re in Philly, visit the Delicious Boutique!

Philadelphia, PA

Directions at: www.DeliciousBoutique.com

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