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July 2009: Mid-Summer Newsletter

Delicious LLC
212 E. Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125
Phone: 215-413-8259
Fax: 267-239-5675
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.corsetmaking.com

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Hello Corset Makers!
Another summer, hopefully yours has been lovely thus far. Delicious Sideshow is
enjoying it’s little spot in The Piazza at
Schmidts, the location is wonderful. So far all the new products are going well,
which I’m taking as, that I am not the only
one who likes them. I have been finding that due to the economy, many places are
closing down or being bought out by
others. So if any of our supplies/products change I will do my best to let
everyone know immediately. I have yet to find any
reasonably interesting books and patterns to add to our collection, I am still
open for any and all suggestions. We are also getting
a new website! Don’t be afraid, this is a very good thing for all of us. I
suppose it’s not exactly a “new site” but rather a supreme
makeover. New editions, updates and actions. We are also working on adding in a
message board. it may not be directly
within the site but I think that it will be an excellent piece for all of us.
Along with that we are working on updating the customer gallery, so pictures are
welcome as always. Follow us on Twitter!!! We are there and at along with Live
http://corsetmaking.livejournal.com so totally come on over, find us and join us
throughout our quirky days. As always if you have any questions about our
products please just send over an email to [email protected] or give us
a call at 215-413-8259. Also don’t forget that if you want something that we do
not currently carry please send us an email and we will
do our best to start carrying it for you!

Check out our NEW items

AGELESS PATTERNS: 1901 Corset For A Suffering Lady
This corset, made in gray drill, closed by means
of buttons and tied in the back; sides are split on
the lower side to widen them according to needs
of the wearer and is trimmed in Valenciennes lace.
English translation and original French sewing
instructions are included.

AGELESS PATTERNS: 1900 New Form Corset
This corset, made in white English sateen,
descends low enough that the hips are enclosed
entirely and has garters attached. The top is
decorated with cream colored lace through
which one passes a pink satin ribbon and
small rosettes.

AGELESS PATTERNS: 1900 Corset in Net
This corset, made in ecru net, can also
be made in tulle, in thick muslin or in all
other openwork cloth. English translation
and original French sewing instructions


Aluminum Stay. Great for using as 1/2″ underbusk.
This bone DOES have memory.. it will retain a slight
bend after being worn.

SALE Items

Made of hardened, galvanized, spring steel round wire.
Safe to dry clean. Available in 1/2″ and 1/4″. Untipped.

We have gone through the Delicious collection of
our fabrics with the hopes of sharing them with you.
As we are trying to make room for new fabrics
to offer you, and who doesn’t love new fabrics!

This cute little black wire corset bust is a
great conversation piece! Great in your
living room, on the bookshelf, or in the
bedroom! A perfect gift idea! 8″, 12″ or 18″

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