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Ya Gotta Have Faith!

Thanks to Faith from Florida for writing in and sharing some fotos of her first foray into corset making!

Faith became a corset fanatic at a young age after being exposed to bodices and stays at local Ren Faires.   Although she wanted to try corseting for herself, the expense of buying a well made corset as her first piece was a bit daunting… so she decided to make one herself!

“Thanks to you,” Faith wrote,  “I was able to get a well-designed pattern, a busk, grommets, and a heavier-duty boning than was offered at my local craft store.  I just wanted to send in a few pictures of my first real attempt at a corset as a thank you for offering quality supplies.”

The corset pictured is Ageless Patterns # 1061: The 1891 Young Ladies Corset with a 23 inch waist.  A fantastic first corset Faith, congratulations!

Faith - Ageless Patterns Young Lady's Corset

Faith - Ageless Patterns Young Lady's Corset

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